Winner of an ASHRAE award for Engineering Excellence for devlopment of the FreshAire Ventilation System.
Winner of an AEE awards for Energy Management Executive of the Year and for Energy Project of the Year.

Worried about the air quality in your schools?

Now you can breathe a little easier. (And so can everyone else.)

Be sure you're not making the five most costly mistakes in Heating and Air Conditioning...

At EMA Chicago, we can realign and optimize your heating and air conditioning systems, whether you need simple adjustments, updates of existing equipment, or recommendations on new equipment. We'll work with you from the first analysis through the final system commissioning.

Introducing the innovative, affordable FreshAire™ ventilation system. The FreshAire system is an affordable solution to air quality problems in your school. It uses the unit ventilators that are already built in, but adds a path for exhaust air and a control system to monitor and regulate building pressure. This simple modification allows volumes of fresh air to circulate through the classrooms, improving air quality and—in combination with high quality air filtration media—reducing mold and bacteria growth as well as airborne dust and pollen. Oxygen levels increase, temperature across the classroom is evened, humidity is reduced, and total classroom comfort is improved. FreshAire™ ventilation improves your existing system. Dramatically.

Who we are

EMAC's founder and principal, Fred Ringe, has 25 plus years in the design, installation and trouble shooting of equipment and mechanical systems. Complementing his knowledge, EMAC employs a team of nationally recognized Technologists and organizations specializing in various areas of mechanical systems performance, health and safety. Our highly interactive, flexible format provides you quality results, quickly and cost effectively.

To reach the final goal of a well performing HVAC system, EMA Chicago provides the building owner a comprehensive and unique Project Management Program and Commissioning Service. Our service interfaces with the Architectural, Engineering, and Contractual sections of a project to arrive at a system performance equal to the original intent and design.