Updated Procedures for Commissioning Building Mechanical Systems

How EMA Chicago Can Work For School Districts

EMA Chicago has found a tremendous need in School facilites for better operation of their HVAC systems. Million of dollars are spent putting new systems into buildings that perform only marginally. These marginal systems end up being expensive to operate and expensive to maintain.

EMA Chicago employs nationally recognized Technologists with experience addressing system performance issues. Applying this knowledge to your new plans will provide continuity between the planning phase, design, and throughout the construction process. EMA Chicago can also provide the School District an independent Final Commissioning service that insures mechanical systems are installed and performing right the first time.

System Analysis

If an upgrade of existing facilities is being considered, a "Preliminary Analysis" is conducted to determine the potential for improving the building's mechanical systems. For an expansion project or new building, a "Second Opinion Analysis" of plans can identify system and equipment continuity and compatibility issues. If system or operational opportunities are identified in either scenario, a "Comprehensive Analysis" can be performed to provide you with detailed options and budgetary costs for planning decisions.

System Commissioning

EMA Chicago is non-aligned with equipment suppliers and installers. As a result, EMAC can offer an unbiased T&B Commissioning Service as an agent of the School District. Unique to EMA Chicago's Commissioning Service is the contents of the Final Report. The final report will be a Working Document for maintaining the system's performance at specification levels throughout the life of the equipment.

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