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Commissioning Report Content

The "Bible" for Maintaining Top System Performance

  1. Table of contents
  2. Detailed test procedure for each system
  3. Manufacturers' Data - Model, Serial, etc
  4. Test data on each piece of equipment - Show Specified vs. Actual Performance
  5. Instrumentation location and type
  6. Road Map of systems, piping, conduit, pumps, fans, and users on the Flow Diagram. Basic control logic, such as control valves, dampers circuit setters, coils, air boxes and other major items that affect flow characteristics
  7. Pump and fan curves, including rotation and materials of construction
  8. Electrical data for each motor
  9. A copy of the manufacturer's submittal data with reference to the contractor, the engineer, and product performance specification
  10. Operating instructions for each piece of equipment.
  11. Maintenance procedures for each type of equipment; pumps, fans valves, dampers, motors, coils, air boxes, etc
  12. Section with specific operation and maintenance comments about your system that will maximize the efficiency and life of the system

Typical content of a Test and Balance Report .......A compilation of data that is hard to use. Does not provide insight on how to maintain top performance of your system

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