Filters save $$$ Thousands of dollars

The Issue....

Many Districts are using fiberglass throwaway filters. These filters are cheap. Unfortunately, they provide a very low capture of molds, pollen, bacteria, and fine dusts that plug up the equipment and pollute our schools.

Some Districts use pleated filters. These filters perform well, but are very expensive. and donít fit well so spacers are needed to fill the gaps.

The Solution....

A new breed of filters that out performs a pleated filter but at 10% lower price.

The Impact....

Lower installation labor by as much as 30%.

Maintain lowest possible electric and gas bills. (Dust build-up of only 3 thicknesses of a piece of paper in an Air Handler or Univent can reduce heat transfer by 16%.)

Increase by 50% the time between Air Handler and Univent Coil cleanings. (Lower amortized costs.)

Increase the life of computers by reducing dust build up on circuit boards.

Traps and kills air born illnesses that cost Districts in State Aid.

Keeps equipment clean and functioning.

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