Second Opinion Service

The Offer

EMA Chicago employs nationally recognized Technologists, experienced in the field of building heating and cooling systems. A Second Opinion Analysis of your plans and specifications can;

A Second Opinion is:

No Risk Analysis

EMA Chicago is confident that you will find a 2nd opinion review of your proposed projects of value. There are no fees for the review so there is no risk to you. If an improvement is agreed upon, a portion of the savings will be the only fee you see.

EMAC's Project Management Program can provide continuity throughout the term of the project. Solutions to operating and maintenance problems are introduced into the initial plan, design, and specifications. Compatibility and comfort control between zones are set up to take advantage of your particular conditions. The original purpose, cost, and schedule of the project are evaluated throughout the construction process to insure what is specified is delivered EMAC's Final Commissioning Service certifies that the mechanical systems' performance, documentation and "as-built" drawings are set up for long term economy of operation and maintenance of your facility.

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