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The Ten Step Program for Commisioning

  1. Preliminary Assessment. Pinpoints system problem areas for analysis.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis. Produces options that will fix the problems.
  3. Project Definition. From options, establish costs and a plan of action, including developing the justification for conducting the project.
  4. Review Architectural Concepts. Qualify System Layouts for Operation, Cost and simplicity of Maintenance.
  5. Implementation Plan. Provide list of Contractors for consideration in the Project Team and a Timeline for scheduling activities and cash flow.
  6. Qualify Mechanical Systems. Audit poject implementation to control costs, reduce litigation, improve safety, ensure quality and Certify "As-Built" drawings for long term operation and maintenance planning.
  7. Certify Performance of the Project via Point-by-Point check of Controls.
  8. Train Client's personnel. Prepare Staff to maintain high performance of the systems throughout its life.
  9. Develop and implement a Maintenance Plan based on the findings of the Certification Process and Road Map of the system.
  11. Conduct Periodic Maintenance and Re-Certification of the system to maintain operation at specification and meet the changing needs of the building.

EMAC provides continuity throughout your project from initial analysis through final inspection and performance certification. "Top performance" of your mechanical system is maintained through follow up Training of personnel, Maintenance Planning and Periodic Re-certification Programs. You have the flexibility to select which of the Ten Steps EMAC will perform or may designate organizations that will be part of the project team.

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