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VEEBoX Energy Star Product

To improve air flow through classrooms, the unit ventilator shown below has been retrofitted with a VEEBoX Ventilator Exhaust Economizer. The VEEBoX directs air throughout the classroom. Air distribution and temperatures are more evenly distributed. Unit ventilators respond more quickly to changing numbers of people in the room. The results..... The energy savings is significant! Odors are reduced! Surfaces are drier! Hot and cold spots in the room are eliminated!

VEEBoX Classroom Financial Impact (pdf)

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FreshAire™ 1000 Energy Star Product

Affordable Logic for Variable Speed Ventilation Systems

Fresh, moving air is an essential requirement for any school. But when a school building is equipped with unit ventilators, air quality actually suffers. That's because unit ventilators have no means of exhaust, so very little fresh air can enter the room. There is no cross-ventilation, so air simply tumbles in front of the ventilator with little of it reaching the opposite wall of the classroom. In the Spring and Fall, unit ventilators without air conditioning can't control temperature rise or humidity. On hot days, unit ventilators with air conditioning may create the environment for bacteria and mold growth and use large amounts of energy.

FreshAire™ 1000 Description of Ventilation System & Controller

FreshAire™ 1000 Series Specifications - Dimensional Data

FreshAire™ 1000 Control Board Layout & Wiring Diagram

FreshAire™ 1000 Series Ventilation System Controller Specs

FreshAire™ 1000 award from ASHRAE

Filters Energy Star Product

Filters save $$$ thousands of dollars

Many Districts are using fiberglass throwaway filters. These filters are cheap. Unfortunately, they provide a very low capture of molds, pollen, bacteria, and fine dusts that plug up the equipment and pollute our schools. Some Districts use pleated filters. These filters perform well, but are very expensive. and donít fit well so spacers are needed to fill the gaps.

How the right Filters can save you money

IASBO Cost of Filtration Article

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