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Energy Efficient Lighting

New T5 Technology cuts electric bills in half!

"Second Opinion" Analysis of Building Mechanical Systems

The Situation

EMA Chicago has found a tremendous need in School Districts to improve the operation of their HVAC systems. Million of dollars are spent putting new systems into buildings that perform only marginally. In fact, new construction performs no better than schools built 5, 10 or 15 years ago. Designs are transposed from one facility into the next to minimize Architectural and Engineering fees. Unfortunately flaws also get transposed. These marginal systems end up being expensive to operate and expensive to maintain. Expansion projects and system upgrades compound these problems with compatibility requirements.

The Window of Opportunity

Areas in facilities that are too hot, too cold or are not able to be balanced properly are fundamental system configuration issues. These troubling issues can be addressed in the problem avoidance window of the project. That window occurs in the Concept Phase of a design. That is, after the system has been configured, but before the design is finalized and released into the bid process. Once drawings and specifications have been released, changes to the design become expensive in terms of both change orders and delay of the project.

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Ten Step Program for commissioning

Commissioning Report