The AtmosAir™ bipolar ionization technology helps improve the quality of the indoor air we breathe. Indoor air quality (IAQ) literally effects our ability to reduce airborne infections.  For students, a healthy environment improves concentration and focus so they can learn.

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Without AtmosAir™ BPI, many small particles including mold, bacteria, dust particles, mold spores, odors, allergens, pollutants, contaminants, pet dander, chemical cleaning compounds and viruses that enter into or are generated within an indoor space never get properly filtered out. This greatly increases the chance of discomfort, fatigue and respiratory distress. This in turn leads to absenteeism, reduced productivity and can result in short and long term illnesses.

The AtmosAir™ bipolar ionization technology dramatically reduces these airborne particles thus dramatically reducing or eliminating allergens and the toxins that can cause disease and illness. More of these particles are removed from the air which improves the indoor air quality. Up to 95% of ultra fine particles are removed as well as up to 90% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Energy bills, operating expenses and emissions are also reduced. The process does not rely on dangerous chemicals or UV lighting  with associated VOCs and  toxic by products.

How Bipolar Ionization Technology Works

Without getting too technical, charged bipolar air ions cause particles to attach to other particles. The combined particles become much bigger and heavier. These larger particles may fall to the ground or  can be trapped more easily by the HVAC or Unit Ventilator system filters. Thus the filters operate more efficiently – and effectively.

Ionized oxygen molecules introduced into the air can neutralize VOCs and many chemical compounds as well as sterilize bacteria and mold. The process essentially can help eradicate airborne influenza, whooping cough, allergens and mold that are going around. It will kill airborne sub- micron illnesses such as C diff, MRSA, E.coli, staff infections, etc.

This is why we feel it is important to add to HVAC systems and to the VEEBoX Ion to unit ventilators in classrooms(*), hospital and nursing facilities, motels and hotel rooms as well as HVAC units in homes(#) and businesses.

Proven Results

The Dust Particle Decay image below shows the tremendous effectiveness of the AtmosAir™ system has in reducing particle count and airborne pollutants in indoor air in just 15 minutes.

Dust Particle Decay Compare With AtmosAir™

Dust Particle Decay Compare With AtmosAir™

“In comparing the results, readings taken in Classroom 120 with the AtmosAir system operating showed definite improvement in air quality by reduction of particles, TVOC and spores. Also notable, measurements with the AtmosAir system operating showed no measurable amount of ozone found. Ozone production has in the past been linked to some electronic air purification technologies.” Anthony M Abate CIE CMI at Greenwich Central Middle School (Greenwich, CT.)
Read the entire report: Indoor Air Quality Testing Summary Greenwich Central Middle School

Another report by Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr: Cleaning Indoor Air Using AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization Technology by Dr. Philip M. Tierno Jr.

* A study by Dr. Richard Shaughnessey in the Journal of Indoor Air showed a 14.7% increase in math scores and a 13.7% increase in reading scores in classrooms by improving ventilation quality as it relates to health and comfort.


# The Environmental Protection Agency calls poor indoor air ventilation in homes one of the top health threats today. Because of poor ventilation, even energy efficient homes may have low air quality. An AtmosAir™ system can significantly eliminate pollutants that can trigger asthma and allergies, eliminate cooking odors and household odors that linger from trash, kitty litter, chemical cleaners and cooking.